1- Transfer Applications

Our general applications include Robotic Palletizing, Sorting and Conveying Systems. We design the system as turnkey basis by designing the conveyors, mechanical gripper and retainer groups which are arranged to be placed on the pallets by selecting the robots that will ensure the proper removal of the products coming out of the production lines or which are required for packaging.

2- Loading/Unloading Applications

We can design and manufacture suitable holder groups together with the selection of suitable robots for the production machines such as press, CNC machine, transfer machine, plastic and aluminum injection etc.

3- Cutting Applications

Selection of robots and cutter for cutting of glass, plastic etc. materials according to the angles given in the direction of the coordinates indicated in space; we design and manufacturing as a turnkey project.

4- Vision Applications

Products which come from a single production line or machine; We design systems that allow the camera to move directly to the robot’s coordinates for type separation, quality control, measurement, and control for the next operation.