About Us

We are the Solution Point of Engineering

Sanver Engineering was established in 2010 in Bursa to serve in the industrial field.

Our company, which is an engineering solution point, offers turn-key engineering solutions in the fields of production lines, test machines, industrial automation, robotic applications, image processing and traceability systems. We are an engineering company that has success awards in the fields of SMEs and entrepreneurship developing with its management, R&D and production staff.

Our Main Fields of Activity

To provide engineering solutions in the field of projecting, design and manufacturing of assembly and test equipment.

Industrial automation project design, hardware and PLC, Scada, C #, SQL etc. in .Net environment. to provide software solutions in programming languages.

Developing robotic applications and solution systems.

To realize image processing systems and traceability applications.

Projecting i4.0 Applications.

Our Vision

  • Being customer oriented

  • Being among the leaders in the field of activity and being a leader

  • Ensuring quality, accuracy and stability

  • Grow Balanced, Steadfast

  • Being a model company in its sector

You can contact us for any questions